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What Types of Houses Do We Buy?

Our company buys almost all residential properties - single-family homes, condos, modular, townhouses, apartments, and more. Occasionally, we'll even purchase commercial properties. We purchase all properties "as is." This means it doesn't matter if your house is located in a rough neighborhood, is falling apart, or is in pristine condition; we'll buy it and put cash in your hand. We do not require home inspections or make demands on the owner to repair the home before we agree to purchase it. This is what makes us different from traditional home buyers.

We buy any style of residential property
Our company follows an "as is" protocol
We're not traditional home buyers, we're better! 
Lightening-fast sale of property
No middlemen capitalizing off your sale
You get the cash you need FAST! 

What Are The Benefits of Selling a House For Cash?

There are numerous benefits to selling your home for cash, but we're going to focus on the top five. Everyone has a different story and circumstance, and it isn't our job to ask questions about your personal life. However, many people report they  benefitted from a cash sale because:

  • There was no appraisal process - This saves you money!
  • Closing on the home sale is much quicker than going the traditional route
  • There's no need to hire a real estate agent - More money in YOUR pocket!
  • You can forgo the entire marketing process of listing your property for sale
  • You can sell your home as-is

Selling your home for cash is a streamlined process that results in cash in your bank account within as little as a week! You'll never see that kind of turnaround when real state agents are involved.

Who Buys Houses For Cash?

We do! The Sarasota Home Buyers understand that homeowners have many reasons to sell off their property for cash quickly. These reasons include foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, a death in the family, or simply a change in financial circumstances. Whatever the reason is, you can count on our team to help you get out from under your financial responsibility as a homeowner. Our company wants to get you the cash you need in record time!

Sarasota Home Buyers is here to help
We buy houses from folks of all walks of life
Our transactions are always quick and dependable 
Avoid "buyers" who will only communicate through email or text
Question a "buyer" who confidently hands over their banking info
If you feel uneasy at all, listen to your instincts! 

How to Avoid Cash for Houses Scams?

Sadly, not everyone has good intentions in the home buying realm, and there are a lot of scammers out there. Before committing to any home-sale-for-cash company, please be aware of these seven warning signs:

  1. You receive a cash offer from an off-shore buyer who has never seen the property or neighborhood.
  2. Gives you financial details without batting an eye.
  3. Comes up with excuses as to why they cannot have an in-person phone call with you.
  4. Only communicates via email.
  5. The buyer easily trusts an agent he met online without question.
  6. Zero haggling
  7. Sends the buyer a check to deposit and then asks for a portion of the money back.

Be leery of online home buying scams because they are an increasing problem. Thankfully, The Sarasota Home Buyers are the real deal, and we can prove it to you through our certifications and honest track record.

Are there closing costs with a cash offer?

No! There are no closing costs involved in a cash house buyer scenario because there are no title, mortgage companies, or real estate agents to pay off. When you sell your house for cash to the Sarasota Home Buyers, you exclusively work with us. The offer that we make you (and you agree to) is the bottom line. That is all your money to keep! Don't hesitate to contact us to get further details.

No mortgage brokers, title companies, or real estate agent fees
Cash buyers keep more money in your wallet
Traditional home buying programs always include closing costs 
Sarasota Home Buyers is the real deal!
Our company is fully licensed
We only employ experienced home buyers 

Are companies that buy houses for cash legit?

We can't speak for other companies, but we can assure you that Sarasota Home Buyers is as legit as they come. We are licensed in the state of Florida to purchase your home for cash. Our team members are knowledgeable cash home buyers who all have backgrounds in real estate transactions. You can count on us to purchase your home as-is without any fees, appraisals, or go-betweens. With us, you'll have your cash and be free of the burden of homeownership sooner rather than later.

We Convert Transactions into Relationships.

We're more than just the folks who buy your house for cash; we're your friends! Sarasota Home Buyers care about you and getting you what you need FAST. Call us at (941) 344-2999
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